I am an Angel of Freedom.

I was made by volunteers of Kazakhstan.

My mission is to make the world a kinder place.

Now I am helping Ukrainian schoolchildren from the war-affected regions.

You can take me and make your donation.

Your contribution will help Ukraine,

and I will remind you of a good deed.

Help to restore schools in Ukraine
Біз біргеміз! Ми разом! We are together!
How did the Angels initiative begin?
Pupils of the Chernihiv school No. 6 turned to the volunteers of Kazakhstan. They asked for our help in restoring their beloved school.
Angels of Freedom are created at special events — “tolokas”. Everyone who is willing to help is welcome to join.
Now the Angels of Freedom want to help as many schools, kindergartens and social institutions for children in different regions of Ukraine
as possible.
The Angels of Freedom came to the aid of Chernihiv schools. For the first 3 months of the initiative all proceeds from the Angels’ sales were directed at equipping school No. 6 in Chernihiv.
How to support the Angels?
Purchase an Angel
You can donate any amount and we will send you an Angel.
Install the box
Place boxes with Angels of Freedom in your office/work space
We are ready to provide boxes with Angels for contactless sales. One Angel costs 2500 tenge. It can be paid for using the QR code indicated on the box.
Go to Marketspace
Make an Angel at home
You can make an Angel at home, and then send it to us for sale. You can also purchase a ready-made toolkit to make Angels.
Become an Ambassador for Angels of Freedom
Tell your colleagues and friends about us.
To do this you can use internal corporate communication channels (newsletters, internal portals, chats, corporate social networks), household chats and other communities.
Become a volunteer
You can join our team to make Angels of Freedom, as well as become a volunteer to sell the Angels at fairs and events.
Project coordinators
Iryna Semenchuk
Yevgeniy Ribalko
Join our team!
Contact us
+7 778 583 2122
+7 701 558 8834
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