Project’s Rules

To unite different people for a common good course, we adopted four rules for the Angels of Freedom project.

Please read, this is important.
  • Project’s Rule #1
    People who provoke or incite discord are not welcome to our team. We strive to create a friendly and supportive environment to work together and achieve our goals.
  • Project’s Rule #2
    It is forbidden to use conflicting content in project communications. We want our communication to be positive and inspiring and not causing any negative emotions.
  • Project’s Rule #3
    Our project does not finance military purposes and serves only humanitarian needs, in particular, support for childcare institutions. We believe that every child deserves a better future and we do our best to help it.
  • Project’s Rule #4
    We do not cooperate with political parties and politically exposed persons. It is not allowed to discuss political issues at the project’s events. We do not want our work to be associated with politics and aim to stay neutral.
Following these rules, we can work together and achieve our goal of helping childcare institutions in Ukraine and creating better conditions for children.
We are grateful to everyone who supports our project!