How to donate

How to donate to the Angels of Freedom project for the restoration of schools and kindergartens in Ukraine.
Any contribution, even the smallest one, is very important to us, because small things add up to big ones.

You can donate any amount to help Ukrainian schools and kindergartens.

If your donation is 3500 tenge or more, we will gladly send you an Angel of Freedom doll as a gift (from 2500 — donation for one Angel and 1000 — delivery fee).

To do this, please select a gift for donation and write us your address by clicking on the button below it.
Which donation options are there?
  • Through Kaspi QR
    You can make a donation using this link:
  • To the corporate card of the Angels of Freedom Foundation
    For holders of KAZAKHSTAN cards, transfer can be made to the card
    4132 6400 1145 8292
    (Yevgeniy Ribalko OBSH Angely Svobody)
  • Patreon Subscription
    You can also support us by becoming a monthly Patreon subscriber of

    This point is especially important for us as thanks to a monthly subscription, we can count on a stable flow of donations into the fund.

    Patreon offers varying subscription amounts from $2 to $500 and has an option to change subscriptions at any time.
  • If you have PayPal account

    And if you do not have one, it is very easy to register.
  • Through the “Diaka” payment system
    Donations are written off in EUR. Cards of Kazakhstan and other countries except Russia and Belarus are accepted for payment:
  • Transfer by bank details
    Transfer money at any bank cash desk using our details.
  • Cryptocurrency Translations
    Bitcoin (BTC):

    Ethereum (ETH):

    USDT (ERC20 — on the Ethereum network): 0xb44b990fcdd96484dd9430b36a6972824ad31607

    USDT (TRC20 — on the TRON network): TLt5sC2bJU3TbsyVuBC6mzkNbbvrrs7N9u

    Monero (XMR):

    If you want to make a transfer to a unique address for your donation, please request it from us (see the Contacts page).
If none of the payment methods suit you, you can personally visit a number of locations in Astana where you can make a donation through Kaspi QR or with cash in the installed box and find an Angel:
Locations in Astana with boxes or mini-shanyraks with Angels
  • Coffee kiosk “Hot&fun coffee to go”
    Uly Dala Ave., 31, in the Cvetasto flower shop
  • Cafe in “Samal” BC
    Kerey and Zhanibek Khans St, 18
  • Cafe “Kofe s toboy”
    Syganak St, 17B
  • Sport-bar “Golpas”
    Dinmukhamed Qonayev St, 35
  • Indigo Clinic
    Kultobe Ln, 11
  • Human Rights Hub
    Kenesary St, 8, 14th floor, office 1407 (during the events)
  • “Angels of Freedom” project office
    Kenesary St, 8, 2nd floor, office 19 (upon prior arrangement)
Box with angels
Mini-shanyraks with angels